Cornerstone Kids

Looking for a Fun Place to bring your children where they can learn about God, Jesus and his promises to them? 

   Register now (on the Right ) for Cornerstone Kids Bible Study starting Tuesday May 7th 3:00 to 4:00.  Ages Kindergarden to 5th grade.  Children will play GAMES, learn BIBLE LESSONS, SNACKS and earn PRIZES. 

Sunday Nights from 6:00 to 7:30 we bring the Bible to Life with Singing, Dancing, and Drama.  This is for kids age 5 to 19.  This is a great program for kids that want to be in the lime light, and those that don't.  All of our programs teach Respect, Responsibility, Love, Hope, Caring. 

All of these programs are year round programs.

Not only do they learn these things, but lots of other fun stuff happens the Kids Kottage.  They also make friends, Lean how to lift each other up. They learn how to avoid the sin and temptations of this world.  They are also taught  how to apply these lessons to their everyday lives and walk a more Christian life.  And did we mention the fun?  Crafts? Outings? VBS? Lots of activities happen here...Don't let them miss it.